Launch the created PDF as an attachment in your Compose Email window using pdfMachine office

If you often email the PDF after producing your PDF then consider configuring pdfMachine to automatically launch the PDF in a Compose Email window with the PDF as an attachment. This saves waiting for the PDF to display, and then pressing the toolbar Send button. You can do this in one of the following ways :

Set up the Next Action
Open pdfMachine options and set Next Action to "Launch default mail client with attached PDF".
More info here.

Set up a dedicated printer
You can even set up a dedicated pdfMachine printer that goes straight to the Compose Email window and have your normal pdfMachine printer that opens in Viewer mode. Then you can go straight to the right view simply by printing to the appropriate printer.
eg print to Broadgun pdfMachine printer to open in viewer mode.
or print to Broadgun pdfMachine email to open in your Compose Email window.
Read here to find out how to create additional pdfMachine printers.

Did you know pdfMachine can do more than create PDFs?

pdfMachine can be used to perform page edits, annotate, secure and sign PDFs.
pdfMachine can mail merge via Microsoft Word,
Or mail merge using pdfMachineMerge for advanced high speed mail merge

For a list of different features, please read: the feature comparison chart

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