Use pdfMachine ultimate to Mail Merge (send personalized emails with PDF attachments in bulk)

Do you want to bulk email PDFs which are customized to a recipient and then emailed as an attachment?

pdfMachine ultimate allows you to send batches of personalized emails with personalize PDF attachments. Great for producing statements, invoices, certificates or any type of custom letter. You start with a template which has the layout of your attachment with placeholders for the customized information. You then provide a data source that has rows of the custom information. pdfMachine combines these and fills the placeholders with the data from the data source. The final PDF produced is personalized for that email and pdfMachine then emails it as a PDF attachment.

pdfMachine merge
For a fast and powerful solution to mail merging with attached PDF try pdfMachine merge. It can be configured to : pdfMachine Word Mail Merge
If you just want to use Word Mail Merge but need to send the PDF as an attachment then use pdfMachine Word Mail Merge to send the output as PDF attachments in emails.

The body of the email is also personalized from the data source. You can also apply personalized passwords and watermarks to the generated PDFs. Additional attachments can be sent in the same email.
Both pdfMachine merge and pdfMachine Word Mail Merge are obtained by purchasing pdfMachine ultimate.

For a list of different features in the pdfMachine editions, please read: the feature comparison chart

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