pdfMachine tip - Secure PDF in pdfMachine office

PDFs can be password protected to prevent unauthorized viewing of the PDF.

PDFs can also be have permissions set to prevent certain types of access.
This can be done with or without a password.
These permissions can be used to prevent copy and paste of PDF contents, prevent printing and prevent various other actions.
There are more permissions available if you use 128bit security.

The permissions are set before printing via the options security screen here

Alternatively you can change permissions of a file open in pdfMachine by selecting "Document Security" from the pdfMachine "File" menu.

Did you know pdfMachine can do more than create PDFs?

pdfMachine can edit, annotate, secure and sign PDFs.
pdfMachine can mail merge via Microsoft Word,
Or mail merge using pdfMachineMerge advanced high speed mail merge

For a list of different features, please see:

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