pdfMachine Tips

Converting web pages to PDF
Green Communication
Rearrange pages
Easy appending
Security Simply
Digital Signatures Simply
PDF Mail Merge
Scan to PDF
Control document flow with 'parameter parsing'
Custom stamp with current time
Add a signature picture
Easy integration with legacy systems - 'parameter parsing'
Auto bookmarks for appended PDFs
Stationery for letterhead
Bookmarks from Word and PowerPoint
Go straight to the editor
Go straight to email
Many pdfMachine printers, each doing its own thing
Secure multiple email attachments
Embed the source document
Talk to your PDF!
Revision markup
Hyperlink on text
Convert paper to searchable PDFs
Insert or edit bookmarks in your PDF
Redact confidential information from your PDF
Add a Pay Now button to your PDF invoices
Set up an email signature
Use pdfm.io to bulk email customised PDFs